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Before [Photo of no enhancement] [Photo of enhancement] After Photo Enhancement

any people use the words enhancement and restoration interchangeably, but they are very different. As mentioned earlier, a restoration is provided to repair a damaged photograph...(damaged being the key word). However, an enhancement is used to bring out detail in a faded photograph..... (faded being the key word).

Photographs can fade from several different sources, the most common cause being due to improper processing of the print. When a photograph fades from poor processing techniques, the darker areas accelerate in fading as compared to the lighter areas. Generally, all the information is there, but it is latent and needs to be made more visible. This is accomplished through the use of different developers, filters and film. Several genealogists that are very knowledgeable in computers and scanning have told us that their images are so faded that they can't scan them into their files. However, after we have enhanced them, they scanned in fine. Just Black & White is one of the few labs that can provide you with an enhancement when other labs have tried and failed.

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